Veria Central Public Library


The collection series Livres de Luxe from the Art Publications of N. Grigorakis, was recently acquired by the Public Central Library of Veria, donated by the art historian and author Mr. Nikos Grigorakis.

These publications are adorned with original and original engravings (woodcuts, copperplates and lithographs) works by well-known artists such as: MASTICHIADI – PASCHALI – GRAVVALOU – KATSOULIDI – KARAVOUZI – PANTELIA & PAPADIKI (PAPADIKI).

The series includes the following titles:

  1. Aesop
  2. Mani
  3. Charles Baudelaire
  4. Greek ex_libris
  5. Leda & Kyknos
  6. Wandering professions and icons of old Athens
  7. Genesis

In addition, Mr. Grigorakis offered to the Library, art books, albums, art catalogs and 11 authentic portraits of Greek and foreign writers Elytis, Kalvos, Cavafy, Palamas, Papadiamantis and others. crafted by Mastichiadis, Gravvalos, Protopatsis (Pazzi), Papadimitriou, Giannoukaki, Lazaridis.


Τhe collection is not accessible to researchers and the public
Ellis 8, Veria 591 00

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